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IMS Motorsports Group, a Malaysian-based automobile aftermarket dealer offers OEM, pre-owned and used run flat tyres for sale in Malaysia. As a dealer with years of experience servicing cars and selling parts, we are here to answer one of the frequently asked questions by auto owners – what are the functions of a run-flat tyre? Is it any different from the traditional tyre or do they just offer aesthetics to the car?

Run-flat tyres – What are they?

A run-flat tyre is a reinforced anti-puncture tyre that allows you to keep rolling for a certain distance (16 to 80 km) and at a certain speed (around 80 km/h) when a puncture occurs.
It is the result of two different technologies: the first is to introduce interior support on which the tread is supported when there is a lack of pressure in the tyre. The second is to reinforce the flanks to limit deformation of the tyre during pressure loss.

Function and advantages

Depending on the design of each product, our run-flat anti-puncture tyres have a better performance than regular tyres. Run-flats have a 20% more resistance to rolling, in part due to their added structural material and mass. On the other hand, the internal bracing reduces the deformation with the effects of reducing rolling resistance and improve the efficiency of fuel.


More advantages of the run-flat tyre are derived from not needing to carry a spare wheel. The extra space can be used for other purposes. Also, the absence of a spare wheel contributes to a lower weight of the vehicle, which will reduce fuel consumption, the harmful emissions of combustion gases, improve performance, handling and braking.


Due to the reinforcement of the side walls, the anti-puncture tyres usually offer a firmer driving compared to that of conventional tyres. The main benefit of run-flat tyres is the continuity of mobility in case of a loss of air pressure, either due to a normal puncture, an intentional act or a blowout of the tyre when the vehicle is travelling at high speed.


Are you convinced you might need a run-flat tyre in your car? IMS offers run flat tyres for sale in Malaysia. You can get them both online and at our physical store. Explore our site to have your run flat tyres now!

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