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Car Performance Parts For Sale In Malaysia

Do you wish for your favourite car to have that extra juice when you step on the pedal? Or do you wish that your car will be able to glide smoothly over speed bumps without a creak? It does not matter if it’s a Porsche 911 from the 80s, a Maserati Levante or a Mini Cooper Hatchback. Each vehicle will definitely have room for improvement.


While there are many people who wish to enhance the performance of their cars, it all comes down to having quality components. At IMS, we offer you car performance parts for sale in Malaysia for the tuning and modifications of your car so you can substantially and safely improve its performance and dynamics. With us, you can combine both increased performance and safety with our custom performance parts.

Some Car Performance Parts Offered by IMS

Our car performance parts for sale in Malaysia include carb adapters, plenums, air filters, filter accessories, carbon fibre composites, filter accessories, fuel/air monitors, fuel filters, air restriction gauge and more. IMS offers an assortment of adapter glands, hose connectors, washers, solder adapters and more.


Our air/fuel monitors help performance enthusiasts calibrate an optimal air/fuel mixture for power, economy and/or improved driving ability. They work on supercharged or turbocharged engines, fuel injection, with carburetors using unleaded gasoline, alcohol, propane or nitrous oxide. Our carbon fibre composites have an attractive aesthetic appeal and exceptional weight ratio rigidity that is needed to maintain competitiveness in the racing industry today.


Why Choose IMS

    1. We offer spare and performance parts at low costs
    2. Customers can now easily make purchases through our store as well as making orders online in the comfort of your home or car
    3. Secured payment options
    4. Genuine, pre-owned, OEM and used spare parts available
    5. Speedy delivery


Would you like to give your supercar more horsepower and unleash the beast in it? On our online store, you’ll find performance parts for car brands such as the Aston Martin, Ferrari, Audi, BMW, Bentley, Hummer and more. Make your order now or fill in the inquiry form to initiate your buying process!

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