Audi Service Centre Malaysia

Audi Service Centre Malaysia

IMS Motorsports’ Audi Service Centre Malaysia

Finally, it’s time for your lovely supercar to undergo a well-deserved check-up. Maybe it’s not broken and works just fine, only that you’ve decided to heed the “prevention is better than cure.” Or maybe, it has been a long, long time since a mechanic laid hands on it and you know the dangers on the prowl.

To you though, this isn’t a regular car servicing outing!

This time around, you are rather keen and extra careful of what you need servicing on your German machine. You do not want to hire a mechanic who will merely look at it, replace the brake pads change its engine oil and issue a clean bill of health.

A thorough and comprehensive servicing – not replacing that engine oil filter, checking the lights, tire conditions, its exhaust and the brake system. You don’t need a little testing of its suspension system, the steering alignment and those other common excuses.

4 Important Reason You Should Send Your Audi to IMS Motorsports’ Audi Service Centre in Malaysia

You’ve got every reason to go for the best Audi Service Centre Malaysia or just about any other car garage with state-of-the-art equipment and seasoned servicemen. But in case you don’t know, then these are the main benefits:

1. First-Class, Full-Service of Your Car & the Manufacturer’s Rapport

There’s no way you would feel safe taking your precious German machine to a local auto servicing garage when a specialist service centre is around. When servicing your Audi at IMS Motorsports’ service centre, your car is serviced by expert & well-trained staff to deal with your precious Audi.

In fact, beyond getting top-notch services, your car is serviced with confidence and rightly so by someone who is specialized in Audis alone. And it doesn’t matter how complex the issue is because our mechanics are damn good!

2. A One-Stop-Shop with Genuine Spare Parts

Unlike driving to a local garage where you will probably have to go and buy spare parts from elsewhere, servicing your car at IMS Motorsports’ Audi Service Centre saves you all such hassles.

With our expertise, all that will be needed is a special analysis tool – an electronic scan tool to detect the problem. Every piece of equipment needed will be just within the premises, meaning servicing will happen quickly and professionally.

3. They Prioritize Emergencies

There are those times when you are on a tight schedule and you need your car fixed ASAP. Well, unlike an ordinary mechanic who may keep you waiting, experts at IMS Motorsports will stop whatever they are doing and attend to your issue.

4. Cheaper and Risk-Free

Whenever your warranty has passed its period, it would be costly to send your car to the Audi Service Centre after all. Instead of letting them charge you by how much they spent on their branding activities, why don’t send to IMS Motorsports that invest in our expertise?

Need Your Audi Serviced

Let’s get your Audi service at IMS Motorsports’ Audi Service Centre in Malaysia! Contact +603-5611 0571 or +603-5635 2407 for Audi Service Appointment Today! For more information, email us at info @

Workshop Location:

No 1, Jalan PJS7/19, Sunway Technology Park, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Opening Hour:

Mon-Sat 9:00am-6:00pm

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