Solenoid Valve For Sale

Solenoid Valve For Sale

Solenoid Valve Dealer Malaysia

A solenoid valve is an automatic valve, operated electronically essentially to eliminate the need to work manually. Basically, this valve is designed to use an electromagnetic solenoid coil to open and allow fluid to pass or close and stop it. The solenoid coil must be energized by an electromagnetic force so that the valve is lifted open and allow fluid flow.

One thing with solenoid valves is the fact that they operate automatically. This is mainly the reason why it’s applied to various pieces of equipment. Other than that, however, there are several types of solenoid valves; including Direct-Acting Solenoid Valves comprising both 2-way and 3-way solenoid operated valves, as well as, Internally Piloted Solenoid Valves.

Solenoid Valves: How They Function

In those kinds of jobs where very clean liquids have to be regulated automatically, a solenoid valve comes in handy. It’s mostly used in diverse industrial applications where the flow of compressed air has to be regulated. The valve’s super-convenient on/off feature means that controlling the flow of the liquid is a breezy, one-tap job.

Places where large valves like electrically-stimulated ball valves are required also use solenoid valves. They don’t take up huge space and are much efficient than any other valves, thanks to the advanced technology employed in their assembly.

In a scenario where a section downstream requires pressure to be controlled for the machines to work in optimal conditions, this valve suitably works well. In such applications, the most preferred input signal is a 4-20mA loop; which almost every large factory has.

When to Replace the Solenoid Valve

The powerful electromechanical gatekeeper will work, but after some time, the valve starts to wear out. When it starts to become inoperable, you’ll be faced with the laborious task of whether to repair it or replace the whole system altogether. Well, you could visit Solenoid Valve Dealer Malaysia if replacing it is the final choice.

Replacing it would depend on the type of solenoid valve and its application. If the valve endures lots of usage with minimal lubrication and has started to wear out, then replacement would be the best choice. And it is still the right decision, especially when you consider how much it may cost in terms of maintenance and labor fees.

Need Superior Solenoid Valves of Varying Configurations Online?

Where the cost is the primary determinant, just replace the whole solenoid valve. Some of the parts you will have to buy are the O-rings, springs, the plunger, and perhaps its pistons and diaphragms.

Before buying them, however, it’s important to talk with the dealer so that you are confident that whatever you are buying is right for your needs.

With Solenoid Valve Malaysia, you will find an affordable array worth you’re operational and commercial needs. They’ve got the right system engineers on standby, ready to answer all your questions and help choose the right solenoid valves for your needs.

You have to place an order online and wait for the shipment. Contact IMS Motorsports today to have your next Solenoid Valve ordered!

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