Wiper Motor For Sale

Wiper Motor For Sale

Wiper Motor & Its Functions

Which so many options available on the market, how do you choose the right wiper motor for sale to get? Let’s IMS Motorsports help you with that. With a wide variety of car brands and models that we service and offer the spare parts, you can always trust us with this little machine in your car. We offer a wiper motor that would work perfectly in your car.

The Wiper Motor is small and sometimes insignificant components in your car. You might be using it every day, and yet it is often not part of the component that you get routine checkups during a car maintenance session. As the name suggests, the wiper motor is the electronic motor that moves your wiper. It’s not a part that usually fails, but just like other parts in your car, it gets wear and tears after a long-serving period. The motor has the speed-controlling mechanism, with multiple wires to connect to your car battery whenever you toggle the wiper on your dashboard. When the car wiper motor fails, you either not able to use the wiper anymore, the speed has been slowed down, or it doesn’t stop at the original place after wiping the windscreen.

The problem can be varied, caused by worn components within the motors, debris that built-up preventing it to operate smoothly, electrical problems (wiring), or overheated. It can also be caused by external components, such as incorrect wiper arm, or simply the plastic or rubber that hold them in place has been melted due to hot weather, resulting in the motor dislocated from its slot, and hence creating other problems.

Guide to Replacing Wiper Motor

When your wiper starts malfunctioning, you should send your car to the mechanic immediately. Despite this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but driving in the rain without a properly working wiper is definitely a suicide mission. Sometimes the problem doesn’t require replacement at all, such old motors simply require some oil and cleaning to have it works again. The mechanic will first identify the problem and check for whether a replacement of wiper motor should be done in the first place. Some automobile manufacturers acknowledged defects in their wiper motor, hence offering a free replacement, such as the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2015 model.

If happen that your wiper malfunction, don’t worry. All you need to do is send your car to the IMS Motorsports service center and have us inspect the problem for you. When the replacement is required, we offer affordable wiper motor for sale for a wide variety of car models.

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