Car Repair Workshop Malaysia

Car Repair Workshop Malaysia

Car Repair Workshop in Malaysia

Are you looking for a reliable and qualified car repair workshop in Malaysia to get your car’s work done? We get you. Car is something complicated and yet you rely on it so much to travel from one point to another. It would be very inconvenient if not impossible to travel for not owning a car in the busy Klang Valley. No matter how well you take care of your car and how routine you send your car for regular maintenance, it’s still going to have some problem one day. We all know that this wear and tear stuff is troublesome and happen when it’s most unexpected.

With so many car repair workshops in Malaysia, finding a reliable one can be frustrated as well. Some will let inexperience or unqualified mechanics to perform a complicated work on your car and lead to more problem after the replacement. Some will overcharge and recommend unnecessary replacement just to make more profit at their bottom line. We all know the tricks of these unethical practices of the automobile repair industry. We fell into the trap as well. People stop trusting us and think that we are all profit-minded vampire that sucks the money out of our customer pockets.

Despite that, IMS Motorsports continue to uphold our ethical ground to offer only the best service and products for our customers. We sell quality parts even if it’s just an OEM or aftermarket parts that most customers will prefer at more affordable pricing. Our purchasing team will scout for the best in the market that always complied with the manufacturer’s guideline and never take any shortcut to make more unethical cash for the business. When the quality part from the third party is hard to obtain, control, and maintain, IMS Motorsports decided to start our own brand – DR AIRMATIC, where we can carefully observe every step of the production and make sure the quality is up to the standard without fail.

For the value and quality that we continue to uphold over the years, we able to hold our customer’s hearts closely and enjoy a very high returning rate, especially among the luxury car owner that found it difficult to obtain quality yet affordable parts for their car. For those customers that doesn’t stay near our service center, you can still enjoy our products by buying them online. You can get a wide variety of quality parts from our store and get them shipped to your doorsteps.

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Don’t get the dubious practices of other workshops to stop you from maintaining and repairing your car. The machine that you rely on to get around will need you to take good care of it. Send your car to the best car repair workshop in Malaysia for inspection and routine maintenance, while getting the best replacement spare parts today!

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