Best Car Infotainment System For Sale

Best Car Infotainment System For Sale

In-Vehicle Infotainment System

The in-vehicle infotainment system is not just an add-on feature for your car, it has become one of the factors that people choose a car brand or model over another. Infotainment is simply a combination of information and entertainment. So basically its job is to provide information and entertainment for the driver and passenger. It sounds simple, but in reality, people aren’t easily satisfied with ‘simple’ information and entertainment anymore. We demand more and more nowadays, so the advancement of car infotainment systems has advanced in these years. Back in the early 2000s, the best car infotainment system that with just button with a single or no-color display only provide Radiofrequency to listen to your favorite radio station, and probably with CD, which most of us never use nowadays. Today, even the simplest model will easily come with Bluetooth and USB port for iPod (and AUX port), and at least there will be a small display screen (even though it might be just single color).

Comparing to other consumer electronics, the in-vehicle infotainment system does not advanced that quick, with no much innovation that has appeared, unless in luxury car model that consumer seems to be able to afford the expensive price tag. Simply put, it has lagged a little bit behind than other consumers electronics, just take a look at your phone now and try to recall how it looks 15 years ago. The reason behind this lag is not just because of the price tag, but also other consideration that needs to take into account, such as the infotainment system must last longer, compared to your smartphone that changes every few years. So, the manufacturer prefers to install only those systems and features which are reliable and can withstand the lifetime of the car, while continuously exposed to the weather and other exterior condition.

Features of the Car Infotainment System

More advanced features can be seen in a luxury car model like the BMW iDrive or Audi MMI that comes with interactive features. These infotainment systems are not just providing just information and entertainment, but also offering safety, convenience, control, and integrating with the vehicle’s system. It will look more like a cockpit of an airplane where almost every utility control can be performed with a touch-screen display in the car. A more common features that can be seen in a conventional car in the middle price range including a rear camera, GPS navigation, bigger touchscreen that can play videos.

Best Car Infotainment System

No matter what car or model you’re driving, it seems that the infotainment system is a component in the car that should not be overlooked. If you’re looking for a replacement or simply to upgrade your infotainment system, IMS Motorsport offers a wide variety of the best car infotainment system to be chosen from. Let get the best car infotainment system for your car today!

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