Used Spare Parts For Sale

Used Spare Parts For Sale

Used Spare Parts for Sale

Looking for used spare parts for sale that actually work? IMS Motorsports has long been helping our customers to source quality used spare parts for their car. We carefully screen these parts to make sure that they are in a decent condition to help to prolong your car lifespan. Before getting a used spare part, let’s look at what exactly these parts are.

Understanding Used Spare Parts

We know that people often misunderstood used spare parts for sale, and seeing them as broken products. However, that’s not necessarily true. Let us understand a little more about used spare parts. Used spare parts are those spare that are scrapped from the old recycled car (from chop shop that disassembles old car). After dissembling the car, those part that can be used will be them re-condition (re-cond), you can see them as the restoration as you might see from some trending YouTube video.

These scrapped cars are usually those who are too old to run or too much to be repaired. The owner has decided to send them to the car’s chop shop to earn a little cash back for their new car. These can sometimes be the vehicle that been through some accident and the owner found it not worth repairing. You can see them as your old phone. If you broke your smartphone’s screen and the battery leaked, and the cost of repairing is half of the phone, would you rather send them to the ‘chop shop’ to get a new phone?

Why Look For Used Spare Parts

An obvious reason is the price tag. Some parts simply cost too much to afford, therefore, consumers would go for the used spare parts. Sometimes, there’s simply no such part available in the market. In that case, you might need to go to the new spare parts. In some rare cases, the older car model might have no options, as the manufacturer has discontinued the parts, so the owner’s only option is to look for used spare parts in the market. If your car is less than 10 years, then you should not worry about this. Carmakers nowadays use generic parts in most of their model, especially for the ‘upgraded’ version, like Model 2017 to Model 2019.

Getting Used Spare Parts for Sale

You can get to our Online Shop to look for the part you want. Using the search function add ‘used’ + ‘[the name of the part]’ to search quicker. If you don’t see the part that you want, you can contact us at +603 – 5611 0571 / +603 – 5635 2407 / +6016-2271 348 or simply drop us a message in the contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible with the availability of the used spare parts.

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