Porsche Service Centre Malaysia

Porsche Service Centre Malaysia

Know When to Service a Porsche – Here’s Another Huge Reason to Buy One

Porsche is a pretty nice ‘fast and fun’ luxury car. Everything, right from its groovy basic design to how the engine roars to life, this car is arguably the greatest sports cars of all time. In fact, what many instantly fall in love with this highly ranked, Leipzig-made luxury car is how the manufacturer singularly focuses on its performance.

Porsche serves an ‘impeccable performance with a German pedigree,’ they say. Yet, one thing that encapsulates everything beautiful about this superbly made sports car is the dashboard lights that act as the perfect reminder for a car service. Among those who wouldn’t tell when the trip to the mechanic is long overdue, Porsche Indicator-Based Service is an ultimate lifesaver. Just drive your Porsche to IMS Motorsports’ Porsche Service Centre!

Timely Servicing – Key to Keeping Your Porsche Running Well

Just like any other car, continued use of Porsche without adequately servicing it jeopardizes its efficiency on the road. In fact, expert car mechanics at Porsche Service Centre Malaysia or any other car servicing centre would tell you, servicing it time and again is the only way to effectively all the expensive repairs.

You too have no excuse to miss out on maintaining your car, especially at a time when Porsche-approved dealerships are now giving top-notch services, affordably. In fact, with or without the Indicator-Based Service (IBS) system, your car is sure to get a comprehensive servicing when and if it needs.

Part of what this smart system monitors and never fails to report is when the car needs a fresh dose of engine oil. It also advised on when the car’s interim maintenance schedule is nigh along with a host of other features. And it’s awesome because the conspicuous “SERVICE NOW” light, as well as a wrench symbol, will flash on the dashboard until the car is serviced.

The Indicator isn’t Something Ordinary

The software-based, algorithm-driven device is exactly what everyone’s car should be fitted with. It not only indicates when but also what a thoroughly done servicing session should include. Basically, once you are at the Porsche Service Centre Malaysia, you will only have to recommend what needs to be serviced based on it.

Better yet, all that the indicator recommends is for the wellness of the engine’s optimal performance; over 20 different services divided to cover a span of over 150,000 miles. What it requests depends on a host of factors, including the car’s model, the mileage covered, your driving habits and several other conditions. It’s great that all it recommends are way beyond the usual services.

As you marvel at how helpful this smart reminder is, don’t forget which dealership to drive to. Renowned options like Porsche Service Centre Malaysia have a reputation for delivering excellent services.

Need Your Porsche Serviced?

Let’s get your Audi service at IMS Motorsports’ Porsche Service Centre in Malaysia! Contact +603-5611 0571 or +603-5635 2407 for Porsche Service Appointment Today! For more information, email us at info @ imsgroups.com.my.

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