Used Bentley Spare Parts For Sale

Used Bentley Spare Parts For Sale

Used Bentley parts for sale

Getting Bentley parts in Malaysia might not be an easy task, at least not as easy as getting conventional Toyota or Proton parts that you can almost get them in the supermarket. Luckily, IMS Motorsports has some best used Bentley parts for sale that can get your faulty spare parts replaced.

Get To Know Bentley

The company Bentley Motors Limited was once owned by Rolls-Royce Limited and currently acquired by Volkswagen Group, which also owned Rolls-Royce Motor. Established by British Engineer W. O. Bentley, Bentley is not just known for its luxury, but also the customization that can be done on each of its precise machines. It perfectly combines what conventionally found in every car – design, technology, performance, and safety, together with the craftsmanship that inherited from the best. Even today, that is only about 60 cars built in a single day in the factory, most of the parts are held together by hand. The fastest production time for the Continental GT model takes about 110 hours. For the much advance (and expensive) model – Bentley Mulsanne, takes up to 400 hours to complete one.

Every detail is carefully crafted and gone through some serious quality control and check throughout the production. The company still upholding the very philosophy of quality, which has been instilled since the very beginning by Mr. Bentley himself. Of course, all this quality does come with a price though. A 2019 Bentley Bentayga price starts from $167,000 (in the US), and that’s probably the cheapest model among all the new release model. Others can cost you millions of Ringgit, don’t forget that every customization done will add a significant number to the final price. An add-on of The Breitling clock on the Bentayga can cost about $300,000 (about RM1,239,900).

Bentley Common Part Failure

With so many cares invested in every single car produced, Bentley doesn’t know for breakdown very common. So parts, however, do need to pay extra attention, as they will need to inspect and replaced quite often. Air Suspension system is definitely on the top of the checklist. Bentley is known for using rubber materials in their Air Struts for extra stability and comfort. However, the rubber does corrode very quickly compared to conventional coil spring. When this happens, you may risk having the car lowered too much when it loses support from the suspension system. This can very dangerous and may result in an accident on the road.

Other problems reported from Bentley drivers are the Electronic Problems. With all those electric wirings, we can hardly imagine it won’t be any problem there. Electric window failure is usually the first to occur after some years of wear and tear. You will need to get the entire unit replaced when that happens.
Despite there are not many issues in Bentley, we do advise to get regular maintenance. Send your Bentley to IMS Motorsports for inspection and this can help you to discover if there are any parts that failed and need to be replaced before it got worst. If you’re worried about the price, don’t. IMS Motorsports offers used Bentley parts for sale that is re-cond and will work perfectly on your Bentley!

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