Abs Sensors For Sale

Abs Sensors For Sale

ABS sensors for sale

If you happen to see your ABS sensor light appears on your car dashboard while driving, it’s time to get a new ABS sensor. IMS Motorsports offers the best ABS sensors for sale in town with a wide variety that fits your car’s model. Before you get a new ABS, let’s dig a little bit into this state-of-art technology that gives us safety and comfort on the everyday driving experience.

ABS stands for Anti-lock Braking System and the sensor works to transmit the wheel speed information to other components of the car’s engine using computation data. Therefore, it’s also known as a Wheel Speed Sensor. As you may know from the name itself, ABS is a braking system. It helps to regulate the vehicle’s braking behavior by synchronizing and stabilizing all the wheels and other components in the car to achieve optimal performance (safety and comfort) while driving. This electronic data reader helps to control the traction on your car and act as a stability control system. The modern ABS is introduced in the 1950s, while the technology of controlling traction has been continuously improving since the birth of the automobile. The older car tends to have one or two ABS Sensors on the wheel, while the modern car usually has 4 on each wheel.

The failure of the ABS Sensor tends to cause by several common problems such as the build-ups of dirt and debris around the component, external damage directly breaks the part, electronic problem (wiring), etc. All these will contribute to the incorrect or inconsistent reading of the wheel speed. When this happens, you may notice the dashboard ABS sensor light turns on and you may lose control and traction on a slippery road surface, especially during a rainy day. It also makes braking your car takes longer and harder to control.

Guide to Replacing ABS Sensors

When the warning lights appear, that’s basically nothing you can do about it. You will need to send your car to the service center for inspection. The mechanic will then inspect the right component that caused the problem (the ABS light to turn on). Usually, this will involve analyzing using an electronic machine reader, such as the Computation Diagnostic Unit to check the past data stored by the ABS Sensors. Mechanics will also check the voltage and other components to make sure that the problem isn’t caused by other faulty parts.

Once the problem is confirmed, where the ABS sensor has failed, you will need to get the replacement done. If you send your car to the IMS Motorsports service center, we will offer the best ABS sensors for sale that helps you get back to the road quickly. A good piece of ABS Sensor will ensure its durability as well as the safety and comfort for those who drive the car. Let’s get the ABS sensors from IMS Motorsports today!

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