Used Mini Cooper Spare Parts For Sale

Used Mini Cooper Spare Parts For Sale

Used MINI parts for sale

We can say that so people have special loves toward MINI. With their uniquely recognized design that grabs the heart of many, it is one of the common luxury cars that you can see on the road in Malaysia. However, getting your MINI’s spare parts something could cost a lot, and many choose to get a used part instead of a new one for more economic options. IMS Motorsports offers one of the best used MINI parts for sale in the town that you can get at an affordable price.

Get To Know MINI

MINI established in 1969 in England and has been known as the classic car for many British Royal families and celebrities since then. It was even named for one of the most influential cars in the 20th century. Yet another big name in the British automobile industry, MINI is now owned by the BMW group. While most of the production still remained in Oxford, England. Some iconic MINI models should be seen on the road in Malaysia, with the most significant MINI Countryman, often comes with the Union Jack (England’s flag). MINI 3 Door and MINI 5 Door is also available in Malaysia. Just like many other luxury cars, the company is moving toward the electric car, with MINI Electric with more advanced technology to be introduced in the future.

MINI Common Part Failure

Clutch Failure is commonly reported among old MINI models. The clutch is designed to be run for around 95,000km before it starts to fail. However, due to the lack of reliability in the clutch which tends to wear earlier than expected, you should ask your mechanic to have a look at it at around 50,000km. Besides that, we also received some feedback on the commonly seen Automatic Transmission Failure on MINI. We believe this failure mostly depends on the driver’s driving habits, therefore there is no exact time that this part will start to fail in your MINI. However, if you’re driving an old MINI, we would suggest you have a check on this part if you have not been replacing them.

The leak of Water Pump and Coolant Leaks is often seen on the MINI. This can hardly be noticed until you start seeing the thermostat rising quickly. If this happens, pull your car over to the roadside and add some water into the water tank. This should help to get you to the nearest service center to have the cooling system check. It can also be caused by the failure of the cooling fan.

Maintaining this classical piece of British machine can sometimes cost an arm and a leg, especially when all the problems come at once. We advise you to get regular maintenance, particularly for the older model. IMS Motorsports offers the best used MINI parts for sale that you can get at an affordable price. You can get your MINI to our service center and let us order the used parts so that you don’t break your bank for servicing your lovely MINI.

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