BMW Service Center Malaysia

BMW Service Center Malaysia

IMS Motorsports’ BMW Service Center Malaysia

After driving your powerful BMW car for several years, you must be feeling satisfied with the overall level of engineering employed in its construction. You must have fallen in love with its great driving dynamics and revered at the solid performance it delivers while on the road.

Indeed this German machine is a terrific car, designed to withstand years of everyday use and always deliver beyond expectations. For many, BMW is a perfect blend of a high-end road warrior and a 21st Century luxury machine, capable of an Oscar-worthy performance

We admit BMW is a great car! However, as it is expected with all cars, your precious BMW will start to misbehave perhaps to signal that comprehensive servicing is long overdue. You get up one morning and realize that your BMW’s battery is dead.

After replacing the battery, its ignition develops problems, yet even before you are done with it, another issue crops up. Woe unto you if the car has no warranty and BMW Service Center Malaysia isn’t within your vicinity!

These Are Perhaps the Most Common BMW Problems

1. Faulty Coolant System

The way the engine roars, you will be forgiven to think that it will never fail you. However, the moment you fail to service it accordingly is when the coolant system starts to malfunction. It starts to overheat, forcing you to park by the road. To avoid this embarrassing situation, however, make sure you drive it to the IMS Motorsports’ BMW Service Centre immediately after it clocks anything between 80,000 and 120,000 miles. Basically, regular servicing is the best way of keeping the engine performing at its peak.

2. Low Power

This is yet another common problem caused by ignorance, especially among those who never visit the mechanic. It is caused by the terminals and cord connectors getting eaten away as a result of the battery getting exposed. And you will suspect this if, when you turn the key on, you hear a click sound. To rectify, just open the trunk and clean those terminals.

3. Leaky Filter Gasket

Among some BMW models, it is natural for the gasket to start leaking oil, jeopardizing the normal working of the engine. From noticing a small puddle of oil under the car to burnt oil smell when you drive, leakage because the gasket becomes brittle after years of use. The good news, however, is that for those who service their cars often, they do arrest this issue quickly.

4. Issues with the Fuse

Frayed cables and issues with the alternator are common in all cars. However, in some BMW models, the fuse blowing up is quite common. If your car has problems associated with electrical problems, open the fuse box first and assess for any loose, blown or damaged fuse. When in doubt, let the experts at IMS Motorsports’ BMW Service Centre handle the situation for you!

5. Dead Battery

Alongside the aforementioned issues, it seems almost all BMW cars and dead batteries are no strangers. Sure, it’s nothing uncommon for the battery to go dead. However, with BMW cars, this issue becomes somewhat bizarre when the lights are left working overnight, forcing the car’s automatic system not to work. Luckily, you can simply ‘jump-start’ the car and later fix the issue at our BMW Service Centre. If the battery is over three years, however, just buy a new one.

Need Your BMW Serviced?

Let’s get your BMW service at IMS Motorsports’ BMW Service Centre in Malaysia! Contact +603-5611 0571 or +603-5635 2407 for BMW Service Appointment Today! For more information, email us at info @

BMW Service Center Malaysia – Workshop Location:

No 1, Jalan PJS7/19, Sunway Technology Park, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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Mon-Sat 9:00am-6:00pm

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