Mercedes Benz Service Centre Malaysia

Mercedes Benz Service Centre Malaysia

Servicing Your Mercedes-Benz at IMS Motorsports’ Mercedes-Benz Service Centre Malaysia

For a while now, Mercedes-Benz has been consistently ranking among the safest cars on our roads. This legendary German auto car maker has been investing in industry-leading crash prevention technologies, knowing too well that it’s top on every savvy car buyer’s list today.

But, quite frankly, not car owner derives pleasure driving to a mechanic. In fact, a majority of them believe that buying a car from a brand whose models rank among the safest is the best way to augment the prestige that comes with being a Mercedes owner.

But there’s a catch!

As Malaysian Mercedes-Benz car owners do say, owning a Mercedes will save you the need to frequent Mercedes Benz Service Centre Malaysia. They might be true in their sentiments, although when the time to service the car comes, there’s no doubt that Mercedes Benz Service Centre gives the best deal.

That’s right – it is at the IMS Motorsports’ Mercedes-Benz Service Centre where servicing a German machine is way valuable than going to a local garage. First, the glamour of interacting with Mercedes-Benz servicemen comes with the confidence that the car is getting serviced safely.

We will not only give it a comprehensive servicing, run a diagnostic assessment and eventually give a clean bill of health, but also store the records. Incredibly, IMS Motorsports’ Mercedes-Benz Service Centre is where the car gets all the important technical update & specialist servicing.

The bottom line is the cost-effective of servicing the car. And even if the warranty coverage has ended, taking the car to IMS Motorsports’ Mercedes Service Centre Malaysia is a judicious and cost-effective decision. The car is given top-quality maintenance works, basically without paying heftily.

Wondering How Much it Costs to Service Your Benz Car?

As it’s now a norm, giving the car the much-needed trip to the dealership should be after every six months or when it clocks 5,000km to 10,000km or 12 months if it’s a full-service. It doesn’t matter whether your Mercedes car only covers short trips around town or occasionally covers high mileage, servicing is a smart way of prolonging its life.

The good thing with dealerships, however, is their fixed-price service plans designed for every model. The plan depends on the car’s exact model, how recent it was serviced and its general condition. For some, you can pay almost anything, while others might force you to pay more.

It’s just recently that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ranked 2018 Mercedes-Benz E Class sedan and 2018 Mercedes-Benz GLC among the safest. With such cars, you shouldn’t expect your favourite service centre, whether it is IMS Motorsports’ Mercedes-Benz Service Centre Malaysia or any other, to issue a huge bill.

But Don’t Forget the Rule of Thumb

You should also check the reputation and reliability of whoever you choose as your dealership. You shouldn’t hesitate to ditch a mechanic who didn’t offer the services you paid for.

Need Your Mercedes-Benz Serviced?

Let’s get your Mercedes-Benz service at IMS Motorsports’ Mercedes-Benz Service Centre! Contact +603-5611 0571 or +603-5635 2407 for Mercedes-Benz Service Appointment Today! For more information, email us at info @

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