Different Types Of Spare Parts

Different Types Of Spare Parts

Different Types of Spare Parts that Need Replace Regularly

There are so many different types of spare parts in your car. When something happens to your car, you might be confused about which part is the one that responsible for the issue. Sometimes, even mechanics might not be able to make the proper inspection without the help of tools and observation. If a professional cannot easily determine a problem, how about us, the driver? We understand the frustration of having your car broke down on the road.

The inconvenience that it cost is often more than the price we paid for a new part. This reminded me of a customer who works as a salesman, who was spending more than RM100 a day to get to office and meeting clients with Grab, just because his car’s gearbox has started to fail. He was lucky for not having it failed in the middle of the road and send them to check when he started to notice some weird noise and the gear took a while to respond after shifting the gear between Reverse (R) and Drive (D). We all want to avoid this kind of frustration, but we can’t avoid the law of wear and tear on the car. All we can do is prevention by having the parts replace as suggested by the manufacturer and perform regular maintenance and inspection to detect the problem at the early stage. This can help us to save more by not having the failed parts to cause further damage to other parts, also allow us to have some time to deal with the problem.

Common Parts that Need to Be Replaced

Let’s begin with the easiest part that you can easily replace yourself – windshield wiper. Yes, this is no brainer, but some people ignore the importance of this wiper. It can offer safety and clear vision during the rainy day and we don’t want you to forget it. You can sometimes get it very cheap (less than RM30 for a pair), but please bear in mind that the rubber will not last very well.

Next, you will want to pay attention to your oil filter. This might need to be changed every time you send your car to maintenance. Just check your maintenance bill next time, and you might find this item on the list. After oil would be the air filter. It’s advisable to change every 3 to 4 years as it traps too much dust and dirt in it. Some people would prefer to change it more frequently, while others will use the air filter cleaner every year to clean the air filter. About the same time period (3 to 4 years), you should also replace your car battery. Any longer than that, your car battery will become unreliable and having the risk of not able to start your engine. Depending on how much you drive during the night, usually, the bulb for both headlights and brake lights will need a replacement.

For every 50,000km, you should get your spark plug replacement, and that’s probably a good time to change the battery in your remote keyless entry as well. That’s the part people often neglect until it stops working. Do get a detailed inspection of the electronic components, as this is the time where small issues might start to occur. If inspect and replace quickly, we can prevent them to cause further damage to other parts.

Get the Different Types of Spare Parts

We can’t avoid our car from breaking down. Even the most powerful machine will have its own lifespan. A rule of thumb is to get them to inspect regularly and fix the small problem when it’s still manageable. You can easily get the different types of spare parts at our online shop with more than 10,000 selection of spare parts for every car!

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